NORA News May 2023

Dear NORA community,

Today, 8th of June, it´s World Oceans Day! The theme of this years´ World Oceans Day is: Planet Ocean: Tides are changing. It is time to put the ocean first in our thinking, in our engagement and in our lives – that´s what it meant by the UN. For most of you, that´s not new. With your engagement, you are directly connected to the ocean. Oyster reef restoration and its connected activities aim to enhance coastal and marine biodiversity and therefore strengthen the protection of the ocean. You are part of a wave – and it is your work with stakeholders, partners in policy and science, the broad public and especially the youth which brings this wave forward.

This newsletter is a short one, focussing on our NORA 5 conference in November. Please take a closer look below – registration is now open. And a reminder for the call of abstracts – deadline June 16th.

We hope that you all had a good start into the field season, good luck for the coming months and kind regards,

The NORA Secretariat

NORA 5 Conference in Middelburg / The Netherlands

Reminder Call for abstracts deadline 16th of June

Please be aware – the deadline for submission of abstracts for NORA 5 is Friday, 16th of June. The Organising Committee invites participants to submit their abstracts for talks and posters on the following topics:

  • production
  • genetics
  • monitoring methods
  • biosecurity
  • historical ecology and site selection
  • results of restoration pilots and scaling-up methods
  • ecosystem services
  • stakeholder involvement

More information and the abstract template can be found on the NORA Website.

NORA 5 – Registration is now open

We have now opened the registration process for NORA 5 at the NORA website. As already announced, there will be an excursion to the shellfish centers nearby in the afternoon of the 8th November. Places are limited to 75 participants (“first come, first served”).

NORA has become a foundation, and financial resources are very limited so far. We are grateful to get some sponsoring for the conference, but nevertheless, there will be a modest conference fee this year (125€ for professionals, 50€ for students), to be paid upon invoice after registration.


Accommodation is possible at the Van der Valk Hotel, the conference venue, at a special rate. Please inform yourself at the NORA 5 Invitation & Venue section on our NORA website. Of course, there is a variety of other hotels in Middelburg, to be found via the common booking / hotel reservation websites.


There will be a PGR session at the NORA 5 conference on Monday 6th November from 9am –12pm. This session is intended for Post-Graduate Researcher (masters and PhD students) and their supervisors to meet one another and discuss any aspects of their research ranging from their proposal to any struggles they are facing. Students have the opportunity to submit an abstract for the PGR session in addition to submitting an abstract for the NORA conference. First year students are also encouraged to submit an abstract for the PGR session only if they wish. Suggested abstract topics for this session are overviews of your project, or specific issues and how you have (or are trying to) overcome them.

We would like this session to be a bit informal and encourage students to discuss anything they want regarding their project.
For any questions, please contact Fiona and Sophie directly.
Hope to see you there!

NORA Working groups

Next meeting of the NORA Genetics Working Group

The next WG meeting for Genetics is planned for 21st of June, 10h CET.

If there is anyone interested to get the link to the zoom meeting or to join the Genetics Working Group, get in touch with Pierre Boudry:

Monitoring Working Group

The Monitoring Working Group has met on May 23rd. A short summary and overview of discussed topics will follow in the next newsletter.

New groups

… there will be some updates in the next newsletter on the Biosecurity Working Group and on new activities for a subgroup on offshore restoration. For more information or to join these groups, please get in touch with Hein Sas,

Project News

If there are any new projects or if you have interesting news, please report to the Secretariat for the next newsletter.

Some interesting news from the Seawilding – Loch Craignish Native Oyster Restoration Project on the NORA website. So far, they have restored 300,000 native oysters and they have expanded their native oyster nursery three-fold so they can meet their 1 million objective and to provide oyster stock to other restoration projects around the UK. Another restoration project was started in Loch Broom. In Loch Craignish, they established important partnerships with a variety of stakeholders which enables scientific monitoring as well as citizen science projects.

Further Activities

World Oceans Day 2023

Planet Ocean: tides are changing. This is the theme of the World Oceans Day 2023 which will be celebrated at the UN headquarters with a virtual event from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM EDT. More information and registration to listen and take part can be found on the UN World Oceans Day website.


One more article in ALR’s NORA 4 topical issue published:

zu Ermgassen PSE, Strand Å, Bakker N, Blanco A, Bonačić K, Boudry P, Brundu G, Cameron TC, Connellan I, Costa Fd, Debney A, Fabra M, Frankic A, Gamble C, Gray MW, Helmer L, Holbrook Z, Hugh-Jones T, Kamermans P, Magnesen T, Nielsen P, Preston J, Ranger CJ, Saurel C, Smyth D, Stechele B, Theodorou JA, Colsoul B. (2023). Overcoming Ostrea edulis seed production limitations to meet ecosystem restoration demands in the UN decade on restoration. Aquat. Living Resour. 36: 16.